Below is just a small selection of some of the testimonials and accolades that we have received over the years.
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Red Line magazine October 1987

"There is the technical expertise of Colin Clarke, widely respected for his work with supercars"

Ferrari Dino The Complete Story by Anthony Curtis 1990

"I owe thanks to Colin Clarke Engineering for help in preparation of the book" "Independant repairers and restorers"

Supercar Classics September 1990

"The running gear, engine, transmission, suspension and so-on was entrusted to Colin Clarke Engineering" "It was nominated car-of-the-day at the Ferrari owner's Club National concours, testimony to the workmanship of the specialists who prepared it"

Classic and Sportscar July 1994

"Clarke's small but immaculate workshop is a haven for such exotica"

Top Gear Magazine January 1997

"Colin Clarke services, repairs and restores all kinds of exotica"

Classic Cars April 1997

"Lamborghini expert Colin Clarke is on hand supervising the technical side of things and restoring a touch of realism to the proceedings, I am pleased that he is there and have no intention of going anywhere near the driver's seat until he is entirely satisfied that all is well"

Classic Cars August 1997

"Colin Clarke, West London fettler of all things exotic"

Classic and Sportscar August 1998

"Clarke's is London's little Italy"

Octane Magazine October 2006

"Colin Clarke runs one of the few Lamborghini specialists in the UK"

Classic Cars January 2010

"Colin Clarke's name is always the first to come up in connection with restoration and service of classic Lamborghinis"

Lamborghini Urraco by Arnstein Landsem published in December 2010

"Colin Clarke Engineering in Great Britain is a specialist on classic Lamborghinis"

Classic Cars October 2012

"Colin Clarke is determined to turn this car into concours standard in good time"

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